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CPI Works

We’ve spent the last forty years working hard on what we offer by way of marketing and design services. In order that we could offer something that makes a tangible difference to our customers businesses. What we have come up with is a mix of services that enables us to work with our customers helping them achieve their objectives and goals.

Brand and marketing that works

Many of our clients consider us an extension of their own team. The reason being is that before we do anything, we take the time to get to understand what makes them tick, what makes them unique and what motivates them.

Working together with you

It’s a myth that an agency can just come in and produce marketing that will change everything. First of all, if you are going to work with a company, you need to get to know them and discover how well you are going to work together.

With all the clever marketing in the world, people still do business with people, and what’s more usually with people they like. You can’t fake that, it is either the case or it’s not. The next stage is to ensure a high level of trust which is why too, we focus on always being dependable, after all, how can you rely on a person or company that’s not always dependable?

We are in it for the long haul, with the drive to build a long lasting relationship that grows on experience and trust.

Getting design and marketing working for you

Don’t know where to start? Not sure how far your budget will take you? A benefit of working with CPI Works is that we’re always pleased to provide ideas and concepts before you commit to any major costs. We have the benefit too of a hugely experienced team with a range of skills and experience all able to input on your project and we are very adaptable. The next step is to put us to the test.

CPI Works

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