One Trusted Company, Two Great Offerings

CPI London CPI Works

THINGS ARE CHANGING:  Although the pandemic has made a huge difference to the way people think and work, these changes were somewhat inevitable anyway. Technology has paved the way for remote working, digital communications and a much broader range of media channels to be used to stay in touch.

CPI’s roots are firmly in print and when we started in 1976, this was the predominant method of advertising and marketing. Although we ‘Love Print’ we recognised, even back then, that things were changing and we were one of the first to offer digital printing, affordable colour print, large posters and well-designed websites. All which are taken for granted now but were ground-breaking when we first introduced them.

Not being one’s to sit on our laurels, we’ve carried on in the pioneering spirit, constantly looking how we can add value to our customers. That has not meant that we have stopped doing all the things we are so well known for, it just means that we’ve added to the already awesome offering.

So, come January 2021 again we will be introducing yet another ‘revolutionary’ concept. One that although was conceived prior to this current situation, will arrive just at the right time, and when it’s needed most.

It is based on the premise that for the most part hundreds of millions of pounds are spent every year on marketing and sales materials that are more vanity buys that real revenue or lead generating investments. Even large companies rely to a greater extent on inexperienced marketing people who use social media and e-marketing, rather than who understand the huge power of strategy, entrepreneurialism, and branding.

Our intention is to again break the mould, with a totally new service which linked to our existing one, will make for a compelling offering to consider.

Imagine it like this:

THE CONCEPT: Think of the very best food you can buy.  Maybe a wonderful shop with a mouth-watering display of fresh organic fruit and vegetables. Beautifully prepared fish and meat all laid out. An array of pastas and spices spread out all the different colours looking so inviting.

Or you could be thinking of the best restaurant you have ever visited. Where the service was remarkable, and the meals were cooked to perfection by an incredible chef. The surroundings were so special, and you felt that this was truly a great dining experience.

NOW HOLD THOSE THOUGHTS: One was the best ingredients, the other was what was done with those wonderful ingredients to make something amazing.

WHICH ONE WOULD YOU PREFER? That depends on the situation and the occasion, and who said you couldn’t have both.

SO, BACK TO CPI LONDON: CPI London has been designing, printing and producing business marketing and stationery for over 40 years. Our team are crafts people, making wonderful ‘ingredients’ for our customers to use in their businesses and organisations. Our mission has been, not to just produce fantastic quality at exceptional value, but to also make sure we are always dependable so customers can rely on us 100%.

Grocery Shop Assistant

AND NOW LET US INTRODUCE CPI WORKS: CPI Works is the ‘chef’.  A strategic marketing, digital, branding and communications firm who’s focus is not on producing the products (we depend on CPI LONDON for that) but using them to focus on the results, ensuring that what we do works for our customers.

Keep watching as we will soon be introducing a completely new business model supported by a range of services that we hope will become an essential partner in helping you achieve what you need to do to make your communications and marketing really work for you.

Chefs are brainstorming

If this gives you ‘food for thought’, and you would like to know more about this exciting project and how it can benefit you, please speak to us by contacting Tony at: