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Here’s the marketing dilemma…
If you want your company to grow, achieve higher goals and maintain the trust of your customers, you need to continually communicate with them. This obviously costs time and money, both of which are limited commodities in this tough economic climate.

The answer is to market yourself in a smarter way!
How can you do this? We have all heard people say you must “think outside the box” and come up with something totally new and unconventional. But there is no point in throwing the baby out with the bath water, especially when conventional communication methods, if used correctly, still work very effectively.

We ‘think inside the box’!
The secret is in getting the right mix of communication channels. Being able to use traditional methods alongside new ones such as e-shots and social networking to create memorable marketing that gains greater response, more leads, new business and can save you money into the bargain.

CPI’s team of marketing consultants, with broad and varied experience, have helped many organisations boost their visibility to existing and new customers. Before any creative work is done or any decisions are made about media or content, we work alongside you to understand your organisation, your customers, your market sector and your ultimate needs.

We then put together creative marketing solutions aimed at achieving your goals. Importantly, we are not committed to print: if something is better achieved through a website, an email marketing campaign, social marketing or even a slot on YouTube, that’s how they’ll recommend you do it. It is the outcome for the client that matters, not the method.

You may just want us to work on raising the profile of a specific product, or service, or to take on a wide-ranging brief to promote your business to a wider target market, or even a completely new one. Whatever the level of involvement, our commitment is to pragmatic and enduring answers that will enhance your business. Above all else, we care about achieving your goals, and this is what leads to our high levels of repeat business with existing clients and to the large number of referrals we receive from them.


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