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Solicitor Court Bundle Copying and Scanning

Solicitor Court Bundle Copying and Scanning Service in London

CPI London is a Solicitor Court Bundle Copying, Scanning and print service you can trust. We are based in North London and accessable to Greater and Central London. We are highly experienced in scanning and copying large volumes of legal documents, solicitor bundles and other sensitive documentation for judicial hearings and tribunals. We are mindful of original physical documents that often require hand placement photocopying/scanning from organised files that must not be displaced. Moreover, we also understand the need for fast turnaround and delivery to agreed deadlines and hearing dates.

Increasingly, hearing and court bundles are required to be presented in a digital format. We are able to assemble scans and files into a single PDF document which is compliant to the common specifications of PDF court bundles.

Court Bundle challenges

We can work with documents that are odd sizes, have handwriting, in poor condition and are bound. Documents may require preparation such as removing staples, sticky notes, paper clips, bindings and getting documents in a workable order. In addition, we are experienced in dealing with issues of this nature and will quote competitively on any additional preparation work required. Another option is placement into leaver arch folders and index tab inclusion is also available. This is priced upon sight of the physical bundle.

Photocopies can be black-and-white or full colour, A4 or A3, single or double sided, we can collate, staple, fold and bind them as well as box them up professionally and deliver them quickly and efficiently.

We can also photocopy, scan and print large format plans, drawings and blueprints. Visit our plan printing page for more details.

Rest assured, all original legal documents and court bundles are treated with great care, fully confidential and securely looked after. We only use employed staff and on-site equipment, we never outsource any part of this process.

Physical Court Bundle Copying Summary:

  • Quality colour or black & white reproduction
  • Single or double sided print
  • Direct placement into ring binders/box files/leaver arch folders with divider/tab indexing
  • Fast turnaround
  • Pick-up and delivery service (subject to availablity)
  • Competitive pricing
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PDF Electronic Court Bundles

There has been a substantial growth in the use of Electronic Court Bundles and is commonplace in many hearings. Electronic bundles do require diligent preparation to be accepted by the court and not jeopardise the proceedings. Electronic Court Bundles are usually a single, multipage PDF document which has been produced with enhanced navigational tools including pagination, bookmarks, internal links and text indexing.

Electronic Court Bundle Requirements

We can assemble a bundle from your supplied documents and scans. The supplied documents require descriptive file names and a number prefix to allow the pages to be combined in the correct order. Page numbering can be added to the combined document. We will index the document, meaning the text will be searchable as far as the OCR (optical character recognition) process will allow. This feature is dependent on the quality of the scanned documents. Additionally, supplied PDF documents should have any security measures removed prior to sending as this may prevent us from processing the bundle.

Our documents are optimized to reduce files sizes where possible. However, by their nature of containing numerous pages, these files do tend to be quite large and usually must be sent via a file transfer service.

The PDF court bundles we produce aim to comply with the general guidelines for electronic bundles set out by The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. We do not take responsibility for confirming technical or content compliance with any specification issued by a particular court or judge.

Final pricing is dependent of sight of the actual documents. This is without obligation and all documents are treated as confidential.

We will reply as soon as possible with an accurate and no obligation quotation

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